Four Remarkable Women

Streisand and Bergen

Some of Mike Wallace's favorite interviews, including the 1991 probing and at times combative session with Barbra Streisand, will be rebroadcast on a special edition, "Four Remarkable Women," this Friday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m.

The hour leads off with the Barbra Streisand. No subject is taboo as Wallace asks about her relationship with her mother, her dislike of her stepfather and her controlling nature.

Wallace then talks to Tina Turner, who admits that success lasts longer in Europe than America. In fact, she says, she may never return to the U.S. permanently. She now lives in a French villa overlooking the Mediterranean.

Shirley MacLaine, famous believer in reincarnation, never wilts under Wallace's questions about her revelations, telling him his attitude is "unbecoming." She also says she had an affair with Charlemagne 1,200 years ago.

Plus: Candice Bergen tells Wallace how she had to compete with the wooden dummy Charlie McCarthy for her ventriloquist father's attention. She also says she could not handle her own beauty and the way others reacted to it.