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Four N.C. State Students Apologize For Free Expression Tunnel Incident

This story was written by Staff Report, Technician

The North Carolina State University four students responsible for painting the racist remarks in the Free Expression Tunnel Nov. 5 issued a formal statement Wednesday apologizing for their actions and asking for the forgiveness of the campus.

The statement, which contained two parts, included an apology from a male student who wrote the offensive messages about President-elect Barack Obama and an apology from the other three students for their involvement in the incident.

In the main portion of the statement, the student responsible for writing the messages said he wrote the messages with "political intentions in mind."

"My intentions were simply to express my views on the outcome of the election, but went too far," the statement said. "I am very sorry for my actions and for the anger and fear brought to N.C. State."

The student also expressed interest in taking part in community service and said he hoped the campus could heal.

"I have realized that some of my preconceived ideas were prejudicial and wrong but I am trying to overcome these," the student said. "I have also decided to participate in some community service activities. I hope peace and friendship can be restored on the campus and in the surrounding community."

The other three students involved also expressed remorse about their involvement in the incident, saying that they regretted "taking any part in this incident that has offended and upset this campus and community."

In Chancellor James Oblinger's update on the incident, also released Wednesday, Oblinger said he believed the apologies to be "sincere."

"The four students involved in leaving these messages voluntarily came forward and agreed to issue an apology to the campus and community," the statement said.

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