Four men arrested, $1.5 million worth of heroin seized from Philadelphia stash house

CBS Philly

(CBS) PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia police seized around $1.5 million worth of heroin from a home on McKinley Street in Mayfair on Tuesday night, CBS Philly reports.

After sources indicated that the home was being used as a stash house for high level dealers looking to sell the drugs to street level dealers, undercover officers from the police department's Narcotics unit removed the heroin in addition to a pound of cocaine from the row home.

During the month-long investigation, officers also discovered tools to mix and package the heroin.

Neighbors on the 2900 block of McKinley Street are concerned.

"It's scary, especially in this neighborhood. There is a lot of children in this neighborhood. There's always little children playing here, and I have children of my own," said one woman who did not wish to be identified.

Four men have been arrested.