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Foul-Mouthed Teletubby Doll?

A doll based on a character from a popular children's television show is upsetting some parents.

These parents claim that these dolls are teaching their children unspeakable words.

News2-WCBS Correspondent David Diaz covered the story on Tuesday's edition of CBS This Morning.

The doll in question is the Teletubby named Po.

Po is one of four Teletubby dolls, a tie-in to the television show Teletubbies from England, that have invaded the American children's toy market.

Diaz sat down with one woman who recently purchased a Teletubby doll for her 3-year-old son.

After her son played with Po, Diaz reports what the mother heard her son saying. "He was saying, 'Bite my butt.' I said, 'Don't say that.' He told me Po was saying it."

When Diaz sat down with the son, he asked what he heard the doll say. The boy responded that "I squeezed it again, and it was like fagot, fagot and bite my butt...The first thing I did was show my mother and father."

Diaz called up the company that distributes that Teletubby dolls and they offered a much different interpretation of what Po was saying. Diaz reports, "The head of the company told us the doll does not say those things. He says the voice is a Cantonese woman saying 'faster, faster' and 'slower, slower'."

The head of the company felt that the most important thing is that the next batch of Po dolls will reflect the change.

Reported By News2-WCBS Correspondent David Diaz

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