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"Foul Ball Girl" Arrested after Failing Sports Quiz

Sara Saco-Vertiz (Orange County Jail, Orange County Jail / October 12, 2010)

Sara Saco-Vertiz can't catch a break.

First she makes headlines this summer by being struck by a foul ball because her boyfriend ducked the line drive at a Houston Astros game.

Then she gains notoriety for posting racy photos of herself online after said-boyfriend threatened to post them himself.

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Now she's getting hit with an obstruction charge because she couldn't evade her lack of sports knowledge.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Saco-Vertiz was arrested at Universal's City Walk after a police officer spotted the 19-year-old drinking wine. The newspaper, citing the police report, says she lied about her name and age, claiming she was 21-year-old Elissa Hamman of Buffalo, N.Y.

Apparently the cop didn't buy it and asked her if she was a fan of the Buffalo Sabres. Saco-Vertiz's reply: she prefers the Dallas Cowboys.

It's tough to say what is more incriminating - that she couldn't come up with another team from her "hometown" of Buffalo or that she couldn't keep her sports straight. The Sabres play a sport called hockey; the Cowboys do not.

Either way, she apparently stuck to her story for 10 minutes before finally copping to the truth and producing her real Florida driver's license.

According to the Sentinel, she was booked on a misdemeanor charge of "obstruction of disguise."

The video of Saco-Vertiz getting smacked with the foul ball went viral this summer and she appeared on CBS' The Early Show in August:

To see the interview, which has repeated shots of the ball hitting Saco-Vertiz, click below:

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