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Foul Ball Couple Breaking Up?

The foul ball seen 'round the world has apparently led to the couple involved going separate ways.

The young couple got a painful lesson in chivalry - or the lack of it - at a Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Park Monday night.

Sara Saco-Vertiz was struck on the right arm by a foul ball off the bat of Chris Johnson in the fourth inning.

She and then-boyfriend Bo Wyble were sitting in field-level seats down the left-field line. As the ball approached, he hurried out of the way at the last second, and it hit Saco-Veritz.

The incident was caught on tape, and the video's gone viral, having been clicked on more than 350,000 times on YouTube.

On "The Early Show" Thursday, Saco-Veritz indicated the two have called it quits - though she said it isn't only because of what happened at the game.

Asked by co-anchor Harry Smith about their status, Saco-Veritz said, "Alright. Well, I mean it[s not over because of the ball. Um…" "More than we want to know," Smith interjected.

She also said she wasn't badly hurt at all, and revealed she and Wyble weren't even supposed to be in the seats they were in at the time - they'd moved up, she sheepishly admitted.

Saco-Veritz said she'd warned Wyble that the seats they switched to would make it more likely a ball would hit them. Wyble told Smith he then told Saco-Veritz he'd catch it if one came their way. But when it did, Wyble told Smith, he "lost sight of it," so he scampered away, figuring she would, too.

"That's all ya got?!" in the way of an excuse, Smith asked incredulously.

To see the interview, which has repeated shots of the ball hitting Saco-Veritz, click below: