Fortuneteller Tricked Underage Girls into Having Sex, Say Prosecutors

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TORRANCE, Calif. California jurors are deciding the fate of a fortuneteller who allegedly convinced two teenage girls that he could turn their bleak futures around if they had sex with him.

Cesar Duran is charged with nine counts, including forcible rape, lewd acts on a 14-year-old and unlawful intercourse with a minor.

One of the girls testified that she was 16 when she met Duran on a street. He told her to pick up a leaf and crumple it so he could read her fortune. After doing so, Duran allegedly told her she was lonely, going to die and that bad things would happen to her family.

L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Lana Kim said Duran met the girl at his home the next day and told her "I can help you, but I have to be in you."

The confused teen said she didn't understand, and Duran allegedly told her: "My spirit has to be in you." Kim said they eventually had sex at least six times.

The other victim testified she was 14 when she met the fortuneteller at the first victim's house. She followed suit and crushed a leaf. Duran allegedly peered at it and told her she would be a prostitute, have three children and die by the time she was 18.

Duran then allegedly told her he could help her if she showed him her private parts.

The Torrance jury began deliberating late Wednesday.