Fort Hood Reflects, but Work Carries On

A soldier delivers care packages for the families of soldiers injured or killed in the Fort Hood attack, Nov. 8 2009
A soldier delivers care packages for the families of soldiers injured or killed in the Fort Hood attack, Nov. 8 2009.
At Fort Hood, Texas tonight, the shadow of Thursday's armed attack still hangs heavy over military families and civilians alike. CBS News correspondent Don Teague has more.

For three days, soldiers, family members and neighbors of Fort Hood have mourned the dead, worked to heal the wounded, and prayed for the strength to forgive.

Special Section: Tragedy at Fort Hood

In a place accustomed to the rhythms of war - of painful send-offs and joyous homecomings -time here seems to have slowed to a craw, measured not by weeks or months but by hours between briefings as the community searches for answers.

The most pressing question remains unanswered: Why?

"How could this happen?" said Kaneesha Howard, the wife of a soldier injured in the attack.

But one of the worst weeks in this posts history is finally drawing to a close. And the Army must look forward.

Even as plans are drawn for a memorial service Tuesday, training at Fort Hood and preparations for war continue.

For Corporal Nathan Hewitt - one of the victims wounded in Thursday's attack - the future lies in Iraq. He's set to deploy in January and hopes his injuries don't delay that.

For military families making care packages today for victims of the shootings the future means lending a shoulder to those who need it.

"This is what the Army's about," said Casey Andrysiak, the wife of an Army colonel. "So when something like this happens, you get immediate e-mails, phone calls, deliveries; people are driving up from across the country."

And for the extended Army family around Fort Hood the future means trying to move on from tragedy.

"My prayers go out to the families," Howard said, "that lost…"

She trailed off into tears.

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