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"Forsythe" will blow you away with his dance moves and stylish outfits

(CBS) - There is a YouTube dancer named Forsyth who I've been watching for some time now. His moves are unbelievable, his style is off-the-hook and the grooves are just perfect.

I have posted one of his videos above and another video below for your enjoyment, so... enjoy!

The music he dances to is all done by an artist named Parov Stelar, who creates a very eclectic mix and remix of classic sounds in most cases.

If you like his moves as much as I do, click here to check out his YouTube channel "takeSomeCrime" to see more.

As a sidenote, we here at The Feed are big science nerds and have been doing some experiments with space and time. By clicking HERE you will be transported to a place of amazing blog posts and spectacular viral videos. When you finally finish you will find an hour or two has passed. Ta da!