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Former Temple University fraternity president accused of sex crimes

PHILADELPHIA -- The president of a now-suspended Temple University fraternity is facing charges following allegations of sexual assault involving members of the fraternity earlier this year, reports CBS Philadelphia. Ari Goldstein has been charged with counts including attempted rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment.

Temple University officials suspended Alpha Epsilon Pi late last month after at least three women alleged they were sexually assaulted at the fraternity house. The reports also included allegations of underage drinking and drug use.

Former chapter President Ari Goldstein, 21, was arraigned Wednesday on eight charges related to a Feb. 25 incident. Philadelphia District Attorney spokesman Ben Waxman says the charges stem from allegations made by one victim. Bail was set at 10 percent of $2,000,000.

Waxman says the office asked for $2 million bail because of the seriousness of the allegations. He declined to comment on whether more arrests would be made.

On woman who said she was assaulted after a party with members of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity told police she was given drinks by several frat members, Captain Mark Burgmann with the Philadelphia Police Department said last month.

"She says she became dizzy and disoriented and that's the last thing she remembered until she woke up in bed with one of the members of the fraternity," Burgmann said.

Jonathan Pierce, a spokesperson for the fraternity, says they are cooperating with police and that they are "deeply troubled by the charges" against Goldstein.

Pierce says that Goldstein was not the president of the Temple fraternity at the time of his arrest.

"He had been removed as president several weeks ago and the chapter has been suspended by the International Fraternity for nearly a month," said Pierce.

"We believe in due process but there is clearly no place for this behavior in our organization and, if proven true, I would expect him to be permanently expelled from our fraternity," Pierce added.

The Temple fraternity remains suspended as police continue their investigation.

Police have not commented on Goldstein's arrest.

An attorney for Goldstein says the 21-year-old denies the charges, adding that he's a good kid.