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Former head Mouseketeer Ginny Tyler dies at 86

Mouseketeer members of The Mickey Mouse Club television program in 1955. AP

(CBS/AP) Former Disney head Mouseketeer and voice actress Ginny Tyler has died in Washington state at age 86.

Tyler died of natural causes on July 13 at a nursing home in Issaquah, Wash., her son, Ty Fenton, tells the Los Angeles Times.

When episodes of television's "The Mickey Mouse Club" were repackaged for syndication in 1963, Tyler became the head Mouseketeer who hosted new segments of the TV show that were woven around the old.

Tyler was the voice on the records "Bambi" and "Babes in Toyland."

She also was the voice of Polynesia the Parrot, who helped teach Rex Harrison to talk to the animals in the movie "Dr. Dolittle." And she sang the parts of barnyard animals in "Mary Poppins."

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