Former gymnasts accuse Colorado coach of sexual abuse

A picture of Doug Boger and one of his students
CBS Denver

(CBS) DENVER - A group of former gymnasts are accusing a nationally known, Colorado-based gymnastics coach of years of physical abuse, torture and sexual molestation.

CBS Denver reports Anne Malver, 51, says her former coach, Doug Boger, had sex with her for years when she was one of his gymnastics students.

"I've been waiting years for this day to come and speak up," said Malver. "He molested me sexually multiple times."

Boger, who is now based in Colorado Springs, flatly denies all of the abuse accusations. "I will admit it. I was a very tough coach," he said. "I definitely think I am the victim of a mob mentality."

Malver said the sexual relations occurred in the 1970s when she was between the ages of 11 and 14, and Boger was in his 20s. Until her interview with CBS Denver, she never publicly disclosed the relationship. She attests that Bolger, who was coaching a group of girls in Pasadena, Calif., called "The Flairs," groomed her.

"The groundwork was tickling and rolling until the tongue was in the ear. He said 'I just can't wait till you're 18, I can't , I can't. I want those legs to wrap around me,'" Malver said Boger told her. "And in the apartment being taken to the bedroom and being disrobed. And in the bedroom forcing himself inside me even though I was crying out for him to stop. And in that moment of pain he would say, 'This is what all you girls want; this is what you all want.'"

Malver is one of four women who told stories of sexual abuse by Boger as part of the TV station's investigation.

Malver says over the course of three years, Boger had sex with her at least a dozen times.

The four women all claim Boger had sex with them during their pre-teen years.

Boger was put on trial in Pasadena in 1982 on charges he physically abused young gymnasts. He was acquitted on those charges, and none of the women in this investigation were called to testify in that case. Charges were never brought against Boger on the sexual abuse allegations as most of the accusers say they never discussed what happened.

However, because the alleged sexual acts took place more than 30 years ago, the statute of limitations has run out, and Boger cannot be criminally charged, even if prosecutors wanted to pursue the cases.

Boger was once a national gymnastics champion himself and is now trying to get back into the coaching realm in Colorado.

Boger say the claims of Malver, the three others who say he sexually abused them, and numerous other women who claim physical abuse are, "Fabricated. I did not do anything wrong, the sexual thing is absolutely fabricated. These kids all got together and fabricated this."

Denise Gallion, another former Flairs gymnast, is now a 50-year-old mother of four. She says when she was a 13-year-old gymnast, Boger began having sex with her.

"You just kind of go with it. He was like a boyfriend -- that's what was in my head," said Gallion.

Charmaine Carnes began training with Boger in Pasadena when she was 8 or 9. She said Boger groomed her for sex.

"He would start tickling up high then work his way down low," said Carnes. She said the playfulness eventually turned into unwanted sex.

Carnes said Boger eventually engaged in a full blown sexual relationship with her, having sex with her in her home when her parents were not around. They were fooled, she said.

A fourth former Flairs gymnast, who asked she not be identified, said Boger began having sex with her when she was 13.

"He didn't care about our emotions, or our minds. We were just bodies, there to worship him and to be used by him," said the now 51-year-old woman. "I was completely caught up in his world and didn't realize the amount of damage he was doing. I trusted him."

She said at age 15, Boger got her pregnant, leading to an abortion.

Beyond the four women who say Boger sexually abused them, others say Boger physically hurt them, resulting in serious injuries, and even burned them with cigarettes to make a point.

"He kicked me, threw me against equipment, threw me against a wall and burned me with a cigarette," said Amy Moran, now 38-years-old. "He's a monster and also a con man. He had our parents tricked."