Former General Announces Presidential Candidacy

This story was written by Alex Gerszewski & Caleb Williams, Oklahoma Daily
Dark horse Republican candidate Gen. Jerry Curry announced Thursday at the J.D. McCarty Center in east Norman that he will enter the race for the White House.

Curry said he chose to enter the race late because there was not another candidate he could have fully supported who would fix the problems America faces.

"I didn't find one, so I decided to quit the complaining and get into the race myself," Curry said. "I had hoped against all hope that there would emerge a candidate that I could support."

Curry said he would not, however, enter as a third party if he lost the primary.

Curry said he plans to make up for lost time in the fundraising and name-recognition process through hard work and the help of grassroots volunteers and word-of-mouth.

In his speech, Curry said it seemed mathematically impossible for him to secure enough delegates to win the Republican nomination. However, he thinks Republican voters in Oklahoma and the rest of the country do not care about that.

"[Americans] care more about winning the White House," Curry said.

Curry also gave reasons why he believed that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama are fit to have the title of Commander-in-Chief.

He said owing to Clinton's "cowardly act" of calling Gen. David Petraeus a liar without having a private conversation with him is why she is not fit to hold the presidency.

"I believe she can never successfully fulfill the duties of Commander-in-Chief," Curry said. "Not because she is a woman. I support women in leadership. Rather because of her example in dealing with our military."

Curry said Obama may be a good president 10 years from now, but in the mean time he would have to use the office of president as a training ground.

"It would be like trying to fly a plane while reading the instruction manual," Curry said.

Curry, a Pennsylvania native, chose to start in Oklahoma because he said it is the heartland of America, and his message resonates in Oklahoma, and it will spread throughout the U.S.

Curry chose Oklahoma to launch his campaign because he believes it is the heartland of America. He said he also feels attached to the state because he and his wife were posted at Fort Sill during the '50s and his daughter was born here.

Scot Small, Curry's national campaign spokesperson, said Curry has never held a public office but believes that will help him cure the nation's ills.

"He has to be outside of the system to fix the system," Small said. "Not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an American."

According to Curry's Web site, he will remain in the state through the weekend.

James Dill, zoology junior, said he has not yet made up his mind about who he is voting for in the upcoming presidential election but is looking for someone who will be honest with the American public.

Dill said he would consider voting for Curry even though he realizes that the chances of Curry winning are slim to none.
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