Former "The Bachelor" contestant found dead of apparent suicide

"The Bachelor" season 14 contestant Lex McAllister died February 16, 2016 of an apparent suicide, according to TMZ.

ABC Television

Former "Bachelor" contestant Lex McAllister died Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio, from an apparent suicide, according to ET. She was 31.

McAllister competed on Season 14 of the popular ABC reality show, which aired in 2010 and featured bachelor Jake Pavelka searching for a mate.

Columbus police reportedly responded to a call from a family member Saturday afternoon claiming McAllister had taken an overdose of prescription medication. She was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, according to ET. She was reported as being in stable condition when she arrived at the Grant Medical Center but died on Tuesday.

A source told ET that McAllister had bipolar disorder, and that she had recently divorced and become estranged from friends.

McAllister wrote on Instagram that she was excited for a great 2016.

"I so appreciate the amount of laughter, fun, goofiness and love I've been given," she posted less than two months ago alongside a collage of happy photos. "Thank you for my family, for my friends and for the many experiences I've had in just 31 years of life. Thank you God for cleaning my life of those who take but do not give, those who throw stones and those who have nothing to offer, but their own grief and angst. I look forward to the new people, places and things just around the corner. #thankyou #lifeisgood #2016 #byefelicia."