What's in the forecast for flood-weary Texas?

Despite several days of drenching rains and deadly floods, meteorologist Larry Mowry says Texas, Oklahoma, and the Plains aren't out of the woods on the weather front quite yet.

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On the "CBS Evening News," Mowry, who's the chief meteorologist at CBS Dallas-Fort Worth station KTVT, told Charlie Rose that new storms rolled in Wednesday afternoon and evening, although they were not as strong as those in the last few days.

"There's still a risk, though, for severe weather the next couple of days," Mowry says. "Tomorrow it's out in west Texas, and just a small chance of storms here in Dallas and down toward the Houston area. Unfortunately, storm chances do stick around on Friday and even into the upcoming weekend."

According to Mowry, more heavy rain looks possible on Friday night and Saturday.

Watch the video above for Mowry's complete forecast and a look at what's causing the devastating storms.