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Ford Recalling Aerostars

Ford Motor Company is recalling about 887,000 Aerostar minivans from model years 1992 through 1997 to replace potentially defective electrical parts that could short-circuit and cause a fire.

The number-two U.S. automaker said Thursday that in a small number of the vans, the electrical load on the device that distributes power to the van's accessories may create a short, potentially resulting in overheating, smoke or a fire.

Ford also issued an additional recall for 29,000 Aerostars from model years 1994 and 1995 because of a potential problem with the electrical connection at the fuel pump.

In some cases, the connection may develop a short circuit and cause a loss of power, smoke and possibly fire in the passenger area or under the van.

No reports of accidents or injuries have been attributed to either problem, Ford said.

Owners will be notified by mail to take their vans to their dealer for the repairs at no charge.

A spokeswoman at Ford said the problems would take about a half-day for dealers to fix.

Ford stopped production of the Aerostar in 1997 after it was replaced by the Windstar.

There have been 168 reports of problems with the accessory power circuit, including 55 reports of fire.

There have been 40 reports of problems with the electrical connection at the fuel pump, including six reports of fire, the spokeswoman said.

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