'Forces Of Nature' Is No. 1

Forces of Nature proved unstoppable at the box office in its second weekend, beating out new films including the voyeurism comedy EDtv and retro crime-drama The Mod Squad.

Forces, starring Ben Affleck as an uptight groom-to-be who becomes enamored of free-spirited Sandra Bullock on the way to his wedding, grossed an estimated $9.6 million, according to Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc.

EDtv, the Ron Howard-directed comedy about a dim-bulb video store clerk played by Matthew McConaughey who agrees to let television capture every minute of his life, grossed $9 million for second place.

That was nowhere near the $31.5 million opening weekend gross of last summer's The Truman Show, another tale of a man who lives his life on television.

Analyze This dropped to No. 3 in its fourth weekend, earning an estimated $8.8 million. The comedy stars Robert De Niro as an anxiety-ridden mobster who goes to a psychiatrist portrayed by Billy Crystal.

The Mod Squad, an updated version of the 1960s TV series about three youths who become undercover cops to stay out of jail, opened with $6.1 million for fourth place.

With its pounding soundtrack, MTV-style editing and stylish stars Claire Danes, Giovanni Ribisi and Omar Epps, the film was geared more toward a younger audience than the baby boomers who may remember the original.

Life is Beautiful climbed back into the top ten at No. 8 after being named best foreign film at the Oscars, where its exuberant star and director, Roberto Benigni, also won for best actor.

Estimated grosses for Friday through Sunday at North American theaters, with final figures to be released Monday, were:

1. Forces of Nature, $9.6 million.
2. EDtv, $9 million.
3. Analyze This, $8.8 million.
4. The Mod Squad, $6.1 million.
5. Doug's 1st Movie, $4.4 million.
5. Shakespeare in Love, $4.4 million.
7. True Crime, $3.3 million.
8. Life is Beautiful, $3.2 million.
9. Baby Geniuses, $2.7 million.
10. Cruel Intentions, $2.4 million.

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