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Jeff Bezos moves to top spot on Forbes' annual billionaires list

Forbes billionaires list revealed
Jeff Bezos tops 2018 Forbes billionaires list 03:11

Forbes magazine is revealing its annual list of billionaires. The magazine highlights the more than 2,200 billionaires around the world who hold a combined net worth of $9.1 trillion.


At No. 5 is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, with an estimated $71 billion. No. 4 is chairman and CEO of luxury goods company LVMH, Bernard Arnault, and his family, with $72 billion. American business magnate and investor Warren Buffett sits at the third spot on the list with $84 billion.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates dropped one spot from last year to No. 2, with $90 billion. At the top of the list for the first time is Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. He's the first centibillionaire on the list with $112 billion.

Forbes assistant managing editor Luisa Kroll told "CBS This Morning" Bezos had the "biggest one gain year" since the magazine began tracking world billionaires. 

"He was up over 39 billion dollars in 12 months," Kroll said.

Sixty-seven percent of the 2018 list are self-made billionaires and a record 255 women are included in this year's rankings.   

"There are 72 self-made (women), which is just really exciting because that's always been a huge lag," Kroll said. 

Chinese entrepreneur Zhou Qunfei is the richest self-made woman on the list with a net worth of $7.8 billion. 

"Her mom reportedly died when she was younger. She ended up working in a factory at age 16. She makes the glass covers for a lot of our smartphones," Kroll said.

Forbes' 2018 top 15 billionaires  

  1. Jeff Bezos, $112 billion
  2. Bill Gates, $90 billion
  3. Warren Buffett, $84 billion
  4. Bernard Arnault and family, $72 billion
  5. Mark Zuckerberg, $71 billion
  6. Amancio Ortega, $70 billion
  7. Carlos Slim Helu and family, $67.1 billion 
  8. Charles Koch, $60 billion
  9. David Koch, $60 billion
  10. Larry Ellison, $58.5 billion
  11. Michael Bloomberg, $50 billion
  12. Larry Page, $48.8 billion
  13. Sergey Brin, $47.5 billion
  14. Jim Walton, $46.4 billion
  15. S. Robson Walton, $46.2 billion
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