For Your Viewing Pleasure

As you enter the home stretch of the summer, you might be wondering what to do with all those vacation pictures that you shot with your digital camera.

Erin Manning, a professional photographer and host of the Do-It-Yourself Network's "The Whole Picture", stopped by The Saturday Early Show to suggest some fun and simple ways to share your summer photos.

According to Manning, there are several options in different price ranges:

A photo-storage viewer (Epson P-3000, $399.99 at will fulfill a lot of your camera's needs if you are out on the road. This photo–viewer has 40 GB of storage space with a viewing screen and will allow you to download your images from the memory card and back them up for safekeeping. Once the photos are on this traveling hard drive, you can share them with others on the LCD screen.

You can also listen to music and watch movies on the photo-storage viewer, which makes it a great, multi-purpose item to bring along.

A photo-sharing Web site is a popular and useful way to easily share your digital images with family and friends. One of the major benefits of using a photo-sharing site is that you will be able to share images without sending them as email attachments. By emailing out a link, everyone will be able to see your photos in the form of an album or a slideshow.

After viewing the photo-sharing Web site, your friends and family can order your photos as prints, or many other customized gifts. Some common sites for photo-sharing are and

A mini-travel printer (Canon Selphy CP730, $149.99, will allow you to hold a print in your hand and flip through a beautifully printed photo album while you are still on vacation. This printer is small enough to bring along, and the paper prints have a clear coating, which protects from scratches and fingerprints.

You can connect your camera to the printer using a cable, insert your memory card directly, or connect wirelessly with your camera phone.

Stamps are a clever way to share your images. Upload your photos to a website that prints your images onto official stamps. You can affix these to postcards or letters and surprise you family and friends.

You can order official U.S. stamps with any image at Photo Stamps (