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For Hip Hair, Accessorize!

Accessories are all the rage this spring, but the hottest are the ones that go in your hair. David Evangelista, The Early Show's stylist to the stars, drops by the show the trendiest accessories that will keep your hair looking hip all season long.

Headbands give your face an instant lift. Bands are available thick, thin, with patterns, crystals, and come in every imaginable color. What makes this season's headbands different from those from the past is that many can be worn to formal occasions. Many companies are making their headbands out of satin or putting beautiful more formal patterns on the band.

Placement of the headband is very important. If you have a smaller forehead, place the band farther back on your head to add length to your face. If your forehead is longer, put the headband forward more so it will shorten your face.

If you have bangs, you can either put your bangs completely back or leave them in front of the band.

Do you have problems keeping your headband in place because you have very thick hair or very thin hair? Buy headbands with teeth inside the part of the band that goes on your hair.

Another option that adds a more casual look is using a headband that is soft (not on a base) and has an elastic around it to hold hair in tighter.

There are so many solid colors and patterns to choose from. Keep in mind when wearing an all-white outfit that it's best to choose a headband that contrasts the outfit.

Modeling "the headband look" for The Early Show is Charity Elder. She wears a headband made by L. Erickson that may be found at, priced at $45. But headbands can be bought for prices as low as $5.

Flowers in the hair are perfect with this spring's tropical, airy, lacy clothes. To go with the clothes, hair designers have introduced major flower power in hair accessories. The most popular form is in barrettes, clips, and hair pins.

These are available in many different sizes, and David suggests trying on different clips to see which size goes best with your face. Be careful not to choose a flower that is too big for your face. Wearing the flower on one side, close to your ear, is the most popular look, but you can wear two on one side or one on each side if the flowers are smaller.

This look works for all kinds of hair, long and short styles as well.

Karen Male is the model for this look. She wears a flower clip made by Goody and sold at Target.

Ponytail accessories were seen all over the Golden Globes and the Oscars this year, because ponytails are definitely in. David says anyone can do a ponytail, no matter what type of hair you have and no matter what its length.

Many brands are making elastics with a charm on them. They come in all shapes and sizes and vary in price. David suggests that, when wearing a fancy elastic, to first put on a regular rubber band when making your ponytail. Then put on the elastic accessory over the rubber band.

If you don't want to use one of the elastic accessories for the ponytail, you can buy hair ribbon and wrap it around your ponytail and either tie a knot and let the ends flow or tie a ribbon around your harnessed ponytail.

Be sure to wear an accessory that stands out against the color of your hair. Don't wear a dark accessory if you have dark hair. The same goes with light hair and light accessories.

Tiffany Solomon is the model for this style. She wears an accessory from karins garden that cost $35.

Other hair accessories featured on the segment are from Banana Republic, New York & Company and H&M.

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