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Football... Lots of Games to Choose From

These games are the kind you play on a little screen and boy is the competition tough. I mean among the game makers....(sound)

"Over the years, John Madden Football has been the number one selling pro football game in the market, year-in, year-out, on multiple platforms."

Munir Haddad of Electronic Arts, where they're celebrating the tenth anniversary of John Madden Football. Sony's 989 Studios has not one, not two, but three new football games out for the Playstation. NFL Extreme II is an arcade style, five on five game. There's NCAA Gamebreaker 2000 and...says 989's Tim Granich...there's the flagship, NFL Gameday 2000...

"We had over 45 NFL players work with us, drawing up plays, helping us with strategies, coming in and doing motion capture sessions for us so that we could get the actual essence of NFL football."
Even Microsoft is getting into the act, expanding its sports line with NFL Fever 2000... (sound)

"We're making NFL Fever 2000 really easy and fun to use. So it's not just about somebody who is a gamer and has played a bunch of NFL PC football games in the past."
It's designed to be easier...and cheaper than most. The price is under twenty dollars.

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