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Food Stamps With No Soft Drinks Better for All

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to take soft drinks off the list of things you can buy with food stamps. Critics will say there's Bloomberg, godfather of the nanny state, trying to tell people what they can or can't do…And I say, 'Thank goodness.' Bloomberg got cigarette smoking out of the bars and restaurants, forced fast food outlets to post calorie counts -- hard to argue with either.

NY May Ban Buying Sugary Drinks with Food Stamps

America is eating itself to death. Eating foods with grotesquely high calorie counts and sloshing it down with high sugar and high fructose drinks. It's a formula that's turned us into a people too fat to fight off diabetes. The price tag is practically incalculable. Living on food stamps isn't easy. And maybe it feels like a treat to buy soda for the kids, but eliminating those soft drinks will be better for everybody, and it's a way to stretch the buying power of those food stamps a little farther.

Just a minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.