Food fight ends in arrest at Fla. high school

(CBS) WESTON, Fla. - A food fight sparked a commotion that ended in the arrest of at least one student Friday at Cypress Bay High School in South Florida, CBS Miami reported.

Cell phone video captured hundreds of students quickly crowding into the courtyard of the school in Weston during lunchtime, just after noon.

"One person threw something and it just got crazy and people started running around and pushing each other," student Danny Torres told CBS Miami.

"I can't really say it was a riot, it was more of people getting together and acting silly," said 12th Grader Juan Jose Rada.

Friends Rada and Torres took pictures and video of the incident they say started as a food fight.

Both students say things intensified once Broward Sheriff's Office deputies arrived and arrested one student while the crowd chanted for them to let him go.

CBS Miami reported no one was seriously injured. According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the student arrested has been charged with resisting arrest without violence.