Fond Farewell

Readers and colleagues,

After more than a year working on Couric & Co., I'm packing up and heading west. The newsroom has been ringing all day with the sounds of "I left my Heart in San Francisco," and, indeed, that's where I'm destined. Of course this blog was only one of my myriad duties here, but it was really the only one in which I got regular feedback from you.

So, before I pack up my coffee mug, AP stylebook, Tums and the herd of high-heels that have taken over my filing drawer, I'd like to say a big thank you to anyone who's checked out this blog, anyone who's left a comment or given us some feedback through e-mail.

And, to all the correspondents who put up with my e-nagging and contributed some great posts and stories that otherwise might not have been heard. Seth, Hari and Kelly have been particularly wonderful (and fairly prolific!) in contributing posts.

As far as people you don't see in front of the camera, I'll miss my dot-com colleagues who toil behind-the-scenes (mostly because when a camera is in front of us we think we can dance and pose like NKOTB.) Example:


I'll miss Jerry and Joe, who have been kind enough to share their "writers' pod" with me. And of course a lot of appreciation goes out to Katie and Rick, who have been wonderful mentors.

What won't I miss? The production tool. Good riddance.

Also, thanks, Mo, for sending Leigh Farris and myself off in style today. Yes, I've been editing copy for, well, years, here. The triple-layer sheet cake (also pictured below, complete with black-icing eyeball) almost didn't need editing.


So, with that, I'll sign off in a variation of the classic Murrow-style. Good Night an Good Luck.