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Following Loss, Obama Trots Out New Supers

Barack Obama's campaign has been trying hard to limit the damage from the Democratic frontrunner's big loss in West Virginia, conceding the race in advance and suggesting it should be considered a good showing if Obama secured just 20 percent or more of the vote in the state. (He did – but still lost by 41 percentage points.)

Now comes the day after strategy: The campaign is offering up evidence that no matter what happened on Tuesday, the superdelegates and endorsements are still flowing Obama's way.

The morning the campaign announced the two most recent superdelegates to commit to Obama: Rep. Peter Visclosky of Indiana and Democrats Abroad chair Christine Schon Marques, who counts as half a superdelegate.

The Wall Street Journal also notes that Obama has secured the endorsements of three former chairmen of the Securities and Exchange Commission, one of whom served under President Bush. They join Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, who endorsed Obama earlier this year.