Flying insects send social media abuzz in London

This photo issued by Transport for London (TfL) and taken with a traffic camera, shows a swarm of insects on a traffic light in south-east London, on Tue., May 16, 2017.

Transport for London / AP

LONDON -- Social media users in London are buzzing about an apparent swarm of flying insects that has descended on one part of the city.

Videos posted to Twitter Tuesday show people ducking as the insects descend on Greenwich in southeast London. It's not clear what the bugs were or why they appeared in unusual numbers. Some say they're bees, but others describe them as wasps.

Transport for London, which oversees public transport in the capital, posted a picture from a traffic camera showing large numbers of the insects collecting on a traffic light, and warned drivers that a pedestrian crossing was "partially obstructed by bees." It warned: "Please approach with caution."

Officials announced about three hours later that the insects had been safely relocated.

"The pedestrian crossing is now OPEN on Greenwich one way system," transport officials said on Twitter. "The Bees have been safely relocated."

London police didn't immediately return a request for comment on whether they've received reports on the insects.