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Florida teen rescued after getting trapped in abandoned bank vault

Teen trapped in bank vault
Teen trapped in bank vault 00:58

Usually people are caught trying to break into bank vaults, but a teenager in Florida found himself in the opposite situation: He couldn't get out of one. At least without a little help.

A 17-year-old boy became trapped in an abandoned Bank of America vault in Hollywood, Florida, Wednesday afternoon around 1 p.m., reports CBS Miami.

Local fire rescue and a team from a local sheriff's office unsuccessfully tried to break through the steel vault door to help free the teen, according to CBS Miami.

Officials eventually contacted the vault manufacturer, and employees who used to service the now-abandoned vault responded. The workers figured out the combination and were able to open the vault. 

The teen was seen leaving the building shortly before 5 p.m, according to CBS Miami. 

The Hollywood Police Department in Florida confirmed to CBS News the teen has been recovered from the vault and is safe.

CBS Miami reporter Carey Codd tweeted, "We're told teen's family was angry but happy he was freed. The teens didn't say much as they left."

The teen was apparently accompanied by a friend who went into the building with him, but didn't get trapped in the vault. Neither provided much information as to why they were in the building and how the boy became stuck.

Authorities also have not released additional details about how the teenager became trapped in the vault, reports CBS Miami.

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