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Fla. substitute teacher banned for showing "Naked" reality show

GOLDEN GATE, Fla.- Second graders at Golden Gate Elementary in Florida went to the computer lab recently, and instead of learning about coding or formatting, they were introduced to blurred images of naked bodies.

CBS affiliate WINK in Fort Myers reports a substitute teacher has been banned from the Collier School District after showing, "Naked and Afraid," a reality show about two strangers forced to survive in the wilderness together without clothes from the Discovery Channel. It is aired with their bodies partially blurred.

After the substitute showed the kids some of the show in a computer lab class, she was dismissed, and an investigation launched. The teacher is now banned from the school district.

The principal was forced to call every parent of second grade students and explain the situation in three different languages, WINK reports, and some parents didn't understand what had happened until they watched some of the reality show themselves.

The Collier School District would not release the name of the substitute teacher for privacy reasons.