Florida man charged with killing his 81-year-old mother

Richard Burns

CBS Miami

DAVIE, Fla. -- A South Florida man has been arrested and charged with the murder of his 81-year-old mother, CBS Miami reports.

A man called Davie, Fla., police Tuesday and said his brother, Richard Burns, had found the body a day earlier but never reported it.

When an officer arrived at the home he found 81-year old Patricia Burns lying on the kitchen floor, covered with a blanket. According to the station, he noted that she had two black eyes, a round indentation on her left temple and a cut above her left eye.

Richard Burns, 51, was home when police arrived. He was wearing a white t-shirt, white underwear and white tube socks, according to police, and the officer noticed that his underwear was stained with blood.

As Burns was taken to police headquarters for questioning, officers searched the home and found two garbage bags with bloody clothes hidden in the attic, an arrest affidavit alleges.

Richard Burns' brother, William, told police he got a disturbing call from his mother on Nov. 2 and called 911 to report a domestic disturbance. Patricia Burns reportedly told William that she and his brother Richard had a '"verbal argument". During the fight, he allegedly told her that he "wished she was dead" and that he was going to "get AIDS and spit on her," according to the arrest report. He also reportedly ripped the phone off the wall.

The following day, William Burns called police and asked them to do a welfare check. The officer sent to the home reported there was no answer when police went to the door at the address in Davie, a town near Miami. Later that day, the brothers spoke on the phone and Richard Burns allegedly said their mother was dead, and had "been so since the previous night," according to the report.

Richard Burns told investigators that he had gone out the night of Nov. 3 and when he came home he found his mother dead in the kitchen. He said he noticed a sliding glass door had been opened. He reportedly changed clothes and checked his mother for a pulse, according to police.

He said he then went to his room and went to sleep.

Richard Burns reportedly swore that he didn't touch the body or the blood around it but couldn't explain the blood stains on his underwear.

He reportedly told police that he didn't call them right away because he wanted his brother to make the call. As for the bag of bloody clothes discovered in the attic, CBS Miami reports Richard Burns told police that someone may have worn the clothes to frame him.

"That is my story and I am sticking to it," Richard Burns told detectives, according to the report. "What happened between me and my mom is between us and I am not changing my story."