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Gator devours block of cheese and half a watermelon after crashing picnic date

A hungry alligator crashed a picnic date by a Florida lake and gobbled down an entire bowl of guacamole. Taylor Forte had planned a picnic Thursday for her fiance Trevor Walters at Lake Alice, before Walters was to leave for the Marines.

Walters told CBS Gainesville, Florida, affiliate WGFL-TV they were shocked and ran away from the blanket when the animal sprinted onto the beach. "He annihilated an entire block of cheese. Gobbled it down, lickety-split. The salami didn't stand a chance," Walters told the station.

"The worst part is we had a big bowl of guac made," Walters said. "He eats the whole bowl. He put the whole bowl in his mouth."

The man wanted to scare the gator away, so he made himself look bigger, spreading his arms and making noise. The gator crawled back into the water.

It's unusual for alligators to become so comfortable around humans that they fearlessly approach them. "Unfortunately it sounds like that gator has been fed previously and has lost its weariness of people and is beginning to associate people with food," Karen Parker, a public information coordinator with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, told WGFL-TV.

The Commission typically removes gators if they charge people, which Parker believes is made all the more likely by visitors feeding the animal.

"We call our trappers and they catch the gator that's causing problems," Parker said. "They keep the gator for its hide and meat."

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