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Florida "bra-shaking" police search to be investigated, report says

Florida "bra-shaking" police search under investigation

(CBS) LAKELAND, Fla. - A police officer in Lakeland, Fla. reportedly instructed a woman to shake out her bra during a drug search and now the state attorney representing Polk County is calling his actions "highly questionable," CBS affiliate WKMG reports.

In a letter to the Lakeland Police Department this week, State Attorney Jerry Hill also called Officer Dustin Fetz's actions "ineffective and possibly dangerous," according to the station.

The Ledger of Lakeland reports Fetz asked the woman, identified as 28-year-old Zoe Brugger, to lift her shirt above her stomach, pull her bra away from her chest and shake it during a May 21 traffic stop.

Brugger, who was initially pulled over for a broken headlight, says that she was told by the officer that she looked "way too nervous."

"He was set on finding something and, you know, my rights were not going to stand in his way," Brugger told CBS News.

Hill says police did not have a reason to suspect the woman was carrying drugs and no drugs were ultimately recovered on the woman, her boyfriend or in the car.

Police Chief Lisa Womack says the department "does not condone the alleged actions," and says the incident will be fully investigated.

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