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Florence Welch covers Daft Punk and The Gossip

(CBS News) If you happen to love Florence and the Machine, Daft Punk and The Gossip as much as I do, then prepare to be blown away by the video above, which captures Florence Welch doing an impromptu cover of "Get Lucky" and "Standing In The Way Of Control"! Check it out.

The video was posted on YouTube by the band Sourberry who wrote this about the karaoke-style renditions performed by the amazing songstress:

It was the annual Sourberry summer party and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine was in attendance. She hopped up on stage during our sound check and rocked out a couple of numbers with us while we warmed up. Get Lucky - Daft Punk and Standing In The Way Of Control - The Gossip. So let's raise the bar, and our [tequila shot] to the stars... "Crowd surf, crowd surf, crowd surf..."
Recorded Friday, July 19th, 2013 at the South London Pacific, London.

Now before I read even one single comment from the haters out there criticizing Florence, I'm going to point out that you're wrong. Period. Okay? Settled. But you should also take into consideration that this was done impromptu and out of pure, obvious pleasure and enjoyment by Florence, Sourberry and the entire audience. And as an occasional (though, terrible) karaoke performer myself, I endorse and applaud this candid moment. Bravo to all involved!

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