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Flint airport evacuated after police officer stabbed

Flint airport incident
Officer stabbed at airport in Flint, Michigan 01:26

The FBI said Wednesday a stabbing at the Flint airport is being investigated as an act of terrorism. Amor Ftouhi, a Canadian national, is being charged in connection with the incident, the FBI said.

Ftouhi yelled "allahu akbar" before stabbing the officer in the neck, Gelios said. Gelios said the knife was a 12-inch knife, with an 8-inch blade. After the stabbing, Ftouhi said something like "you have killed people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan" and "we are all going to die," Gelios said. 

Gelios said they believed Ftouhi is a "lone wolf" attacker. 

A police officer was in critical condition after being stabbed Wednesday morning at the international airport in Flint, Michigan, authorities said.

A government source told CBS News that an airport police officer was stabbed in the neck in the public part of the main terminal at Bishop International Airport. A suspect was in custody, the source said.

The Michigan State Police said the officer was in critical condition.

"Please keep the officer in your prayers," state police said on Twitter.

The police said the FBI was the lead agency investigating the incident. The government source told CBS News authorities were sweeping the airport with canine teams.

The airport posted on Facebook that the airport was evacuated. The post added that passengers were safe and were being told to check for flight delays or cancellations.

The state police said that the airport was closed.

Ken Brown tells The Flint Journal he was dropping off his daughter at the airport and saw the officer bleeding from his neck. He says he saw a man detained by police and a knife on the ground.

"The cop was on his hands and knees bleeding from his neck," Brown said. "I said they need to get him a towel."

CBS Saginaw affiliate WNEM-TV reports that the police chief has stationed officers around Flint City Hall until further notice.

"At this time we are taking extra precautions just to be safe," Mayor Karen Weaver said in a statement.

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