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Flabby tabby

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- A 37-pound kitty has been brought to a cat hospital in Riverside with a medical condition, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The hospital staff say they've never seen a cat this large. Cats generally weigh between 8-10 pounds.

"This is the heaviest cat I have seen by far in my 10-year veterinary career," said Dr. Nichole Agarwal, of the Riverside Cat Hospital.

The cat's nickname? Biggie, of course. He's described as "very sweet and docile."

But he's facing a serious situation carrying the extra weight.

"Cats with this level of obesity have a much higher propensity for many diseases such as diabetes and lower urinary tract disease," Dr. Agarwal said.

Cats this big are also candidates for pancreatitis, arthritis and other conditions. Cats also can't lose the weight too quickly either of they can develop a condition known as "Fatty Liver Syndrome," says the doctor.

The hospital says the cat's owner could no longer care for him and was considering euthanasia. The hospital decided to step in and Dr. Agarwal also decided to adopt the big cat.

Dr. Agarwal and the hospital plan to document the kitty's journey back to good health on their Facebook page.

For more information about the hospital, go to their website.

"Biggie" the cat gets an exam from Dr. Nichole Agarwal. CBS Los Angeles
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