Fla. woman found dead, ex-boyfriend, Andres Collazos, flies to Colombia, police say

Andres Collazos
CBS Miami

(CBS) FORT LAUDERDALE-- Andres Collazos, a Florida man who police are calling a person of interest in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, is now believed to be in Colombia, reported CBS Miami.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's office, Collazos flew out of the Fort Lauderdale airport on Sunday, the same day that Jazmin Catano was found dead in her apartment in Bradenton, located about 45 miles southwest of Tampa, said the station.

"Everyone was telling us that he [Andres Collazos] had said some things in threatening manners to her, then this afternoon we find out that he left the country well that pretty much sealed the deal for us in terms of making him a person of interest," Dave Bristow of the Manatee County Sheriff's office told CBS Miami.

Authorities said they will investigate the vehicle that Collazos reportedly left at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International airport, reported the station.

"Now we're just trying to develop him into a suspect so we can get an arrest warrant, said Bristow.

In the meantime, Catano's friends and family are grieving her death, said CBS Miami.

Catano had two children and worked in the court system. One of her coworkers, Christine Clyne told the station, "She was just a proud and loving mom... Just her kindness and her intelligence. She was a very nice person."