Fla. millionaire Bob Ward murder trial enters day two

Robert Ward looks at the jury pool in an Orange County courtroom Monday, Sept. 12, 2011, during his murder trial in Orlando, Fla. Ward, a millionaire developer, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of his wife, Diane. (
AP Photo/Red Huber
Robert Ward
AP Photo/Red Huber

(CBS/WKMG/AP) ORLANDO, Fla. - The second day in the murder trial of Bob Ward, the millionaire developer who is charged with fatally shooting his wife, began Friday with the state calling a crime scene investigator to the stand.

Ward, 63, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Diane Ward, who was shot and killed inside their Isleworth mansion in 2009. He has pleaded not guilty saying the shooting was an accident.

The crime scene investigator was asked about photographs taken inside the home. She identified two stains saying they were presumably wine and blood, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.

While a photo of his lifeless wife was shown, Bob Ward placed his head in his hand, according to the station.

On Thursday, the 911 call made by Bob Ward was played for the jury.

Prosecutor Robin Wilkinson presented the opening statement for the state of Florida, telling the jury that Ward changed his story from saying that he shot his wife to the shooting being an accident and finally that she committed suicide.

Meanwhile Ward's attorney, Kirk Kirkconnell, said in his opening statement that Diane Ward shot herself.

"The death of Diane Ward that night came out of the blue," said Kirkconnell, who added that his client has been ruined financially since his wife's death. "In his confusion, he dialed 411 first and had to be transferred to 911."

Kirkconnell said the gun went off, killing Diane Ward, as Bob Ward tried to take the gun away from his drunk, depressed wife.

The state also called the Wards' 23-year-old daughter, Mallory Ward, to contest the theory that Diane Ward was suicidal. She recalled a conversation she had with her mother hours before her death.

"She talked about her and my father going out to lunch that day," Mallory Ward said.

Mallory Ward also said her mother did not mention anything unusual.

The state is also expected to use Facebook postings made by Diane Ward that same day, reconnecting to old friends and looking forward to chatting in the future. This will be used as proof that she was not looking to kill herself.

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