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Fla. man changes plea to no contest in parents' 2011 murder

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – A Florida man charged with first-degree murder in his parents’ 2011 death changed his plea Tuesday from not guilty by reason of insanity to no contest, reports CBS affiliate WPEC.

Tyler Hadley is accused of using a hammer to bludgeon his mother and father to death in 2011 inside their Port St. Lucie home when he was only 17.

Hadley has previously claimed he under the influence of drugs at the time of the crime.

"Mr. Hadley is here before the court to take responsibility for his actions," Diamond Litty, Hadley’s attorney, said Wednesday. "The only thing I want to say is there is another side to this story that the public will hear at the mitigation." 

 Prosecutors argue Hadley killed his parents because he was upset they disciplined him and had been trying to get him to go to a drug treatment center, according to the station. They say the murders were premeditated and allege Hadley took both his parents’ cell phones so they couldn’t call for help.

Prosecutors say Hadley went out to buy alcohol and marijuana and held a party at his house in the hours after the murders. Dozens of teens reportedly attended the party, unknowingly drinking while Hadley’s parents lie in the bedroom bloodied and dead under a blanket, reports the station.

Due to Hadley’s change in plea, the case will not go to trial. Instead, his fate will be determined at a juvenile mitigation hearing beginning March 10.

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