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Fla. Hotel Heir Slaying Sparks Bitter Estate Feud

A bitter family feud has erupted in Florida over the estate of the slain son of the founder of the lavish Fontainebleau Hotel.

Ben Novack Jr. was found beaten to death in July in a suburban New York hotel room. His widow Narcy Novack stands to inherit the multimillion-dollar estate, which includes a vast collection of Batman memorabilia.

But Narcy Novack's daughter is taking legal steps to block the inheritance. May Abad (eh'-BAD) claims in court papers that her mother had something to do with Ben Novack's killing.

No charges have been filed but police call Narcy Novack a person of interest. Police also say Narcy Novack was deceptive on a lie detector test.

Attorneys are also trying to determine if some of the Batman collection is missing.

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