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Fla. Democratic Party Asks FBI To Investigate Rep. Buchanan

The Florida Democratic Party asked the FBI today to look into allegations that Rep. Vern Buchanan broke the law by "intimindating employees to make donations to his campaign. reimbursing employees for their campaign donations and engaging in fraudulent business practices."

"Over the past several weeks, the Sarasota Herald Tribune and other media outlets have uncovered very serious allegations of fraud and violations of election laws by Congressman Vern Buchanan," said Eric Jotkoff, a spokesman for the state party. "Based on the seriousness of the charges being made, it is only appropriate that the FBI and other authorities begin investigating these allegations.

"While Congressman Buchanan deserves the benefit of the doubt until these allegations are proven true or false, it is a sad day when a member of Congress does not live up to the laws he took an oath to defend," Jotkoff added.

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