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Fla. Dealer Offers Free AK-47 for Truck Buyers

Nations Trucks proudly advertises on its website, "We sell trucks, NOT GIMMICKS!" But the central Florida dealership has found a unique way to drive up business.

It is now offering a perk for potential used-truck buyers: A free AK-47 assault rifle.

General sales manager Nick Ginetta said that since the promotion was announced on Veterans Day, business has more than doubled.

Customers would have to pass a background check before using the $400 gun shop voucher, which they can also apply toward the purchase of other firearms.

Ginetta, whose showroom sports mounted deer heads, said he believes it's a perfect Veterans Day promotion.

"We started on Veterans Day, saying, 'Hey, so many have given so much for this right,'" Ginetta said.

In lieu of a firearm voucher, buyers could also request a check instead. But, as Ginetta told CBS Affiliate WKMG, "Our clientele is not gonna complain about a gun."

But why an AK-47 assault rifle? "Well, to be specific, an AK-47 was gonna be controversial," Ginetta said.

The dealership has fielded some complaints about the promotion, which runs through the end of November.

Phillip Adams, a veteran, told WKMG he thought the promotion is a bad idea. "An AK-47 is a very dangerous weapon," he said.

He said he'd prefer the dealer gave customers a free flag and a pole to put up in their yard. "That would be a lot more supportive for our country and our veterans," he said.