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Five Years For JonBenet Case

It's been five years since six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her family's home in Boulder, Colorado, reports CBS News Correspondent Lee Frank.

"The five-year anniversary carries with it...the lack of progress in finding the killer of their daughter and the stalemate in their minds of the status of the investigation," Ramsey family attorney Lin Woodsaid. "They survive Christmas the same way they survive every other day of the year and that is through their faith."

The last significant development in this murder mystery was two years ago when a grand jury refused to indict anyone.

People in Boulder blame the investigators for the lack of a suspect.

"It could be because the police messed up as far as getting the evidence."

"Because they came in and started touching the body, and they weren't so professional."

Police call the investigation "open but not active," and there's no change in the Chief's statement that JonBenet's parents remain under an "umbrella of suspicion."

That's the near-unanimous opinion on the street.

"I think the parents did it."

"Since they're so rich, it was easy for them to cover it up."

"It must've been the family somehow.

"I think it's her mom."

"Her parents — give me a break! They did it."

JonBenet's parents deny any involvement, and moved out of town shortly after their daughter's murder. They now live near Atlanta, not far from where JonBenet is buried.

Investigators maintain the mother could have written the ransom note she reported finding inside her million-dollar home.

The chilling note demanded $118,000 in exchange for JonBenet's life.

"Listen carefully!" it began. "We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. We respect your business but not the country that it serves. At this time we have your daughter in our possession."

No break is likely without new forensic technology or new evidence, legal analyst Scott Robinson said.

"Short of something relatively astounding, JonBenet's death will never become the subject of a criminal trial," he said.

The Ramseys told the Rocky Mountain News earlier this month they believe authorities have failed them and their daughter.

"Our strength comes from our innocence," John Ramsey said. "We cannot sit idly by for JonBenet's sake, for the sake of the next child this person will attack, if he's still alive. This is not right. Our government has failed, and our intention is to hold them accountable."

The 43,000-page police case file is being sought by a lawyer for the Ramseys. They're suing a former detective who wrote a book accusing them of murder.

Their redbrick two-story house in the affluent college town looks different from when JonBenet's father found her body in the basement five years ago. The address is changed, at the request of a lawyer for the Ramsey family friends who bought the mansion. Big pine trees planted near the sidewalk block he view from the street.

Still, reports Frank, cars slow down and people stare. Unlike five years ago there are no Christmas decorations this year, no candy canes lining the winding walkway, no children's toys in the yard...and also no more yellow crime scene tape.

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