Five Things You Don't Know About Michelle

Michelle Obama addresses the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, Thursday, June 26, 2008. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)
The spotlight will be on Michelle Obama on the first night of the Democratic convention, as she delivers the biggest speech of her life.

Many Americans think they know a lot about her already -- others are being introduced to her, and even her husband, Barack Obama, for the first time.

And on The Early Show Monday, CBS News correspondent Bianca Solorzano revealed five things about Michelle that, odds are, you don't know.

Michelle is known for her "fashion-forward" style, but when it comes to her style of eating -- Michelle likes -- good ole' comfort food.

Solorzano asked close friend and family confidante Valerie Jarrett to give the inside scoop -- beginning with Michelle's favorite food.

Turns out it's -- French fries!

"Whenever we're on the road and we've had a long day," Jarrett say, "we're looking for a way to have French fries and, if we've been really good, then we get to have a cheeseburger to go along with our French fries!"

How does Michelle stay in shape?

She burns off the junk food by being an exercise junkie, recently admitting to Ebony magazine that she used to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to work out. These days, she gets a good workout running with daughters Sasha and Malia.

As for Michelle's taste in music -- Michelle's favorite singer, hands-down -- is Stevie Wonder, "Early in his Senate campaign," Jarret recalls, "Barack was with Stevie Wonder, and he had Stevie call Michelle. He said, 'Hi, this is Stevie Wonder,' and I think she just about melted. When they got married, they played 'You and I' as they walked down the aisle together. So, Stevie is her heart."

Another thing close to Michelle's heart -- honest views.

On "The View" recently, Michelle remarked, "People aren't used to strong women. ... There are times we don't even know how to talk about them."

Observes Jarrett, "She's the kind of person -- don't say, 'Michelle, what to you think?' when you don't really want to know, because she's going to tell you what she really thinks."

Solorzano was even able to stump Jarrett on something -- what Michelle watched as a kid.

"Michele is kinda a studier," Jarrett said. "My guess is -- she was reading books, rather than looking at TV when she was little."


In fact, Michelle Obama's favorite TV show was -- "The Dick van Dyke Show."

And a spokeswoman for Michelle told CBS News she also loved "The Brady Bunch" and that, if we showed her opening scenes, she could name the episode!