Five things you can't miss from 60 Minutes

This week on 60 Minutes, the Arctic frontier opens, Nate Parker won't apologize, and a terrorist's victim gets justice. Here's a quick way to catch up

1. Living in no man’s land

Lesley Stahl reports Arctic sea routes will open in our lifetime. Now, sailors, scientists and engineers are trying to figure out how to survive where no one has before.

Living in a desert of ice 01:13

2. A moving target of ice

Here’s a tricky task for a Navy submarine sailing through Arctic waters: surface through thick ice and emerge on target at an ever-drifting destination.

Tricky task for a submarine 01:22

3. Will Nate Parker apologize?

Filmmaker Nate Parker talks to Anderson Cooper about the rape accusation against him and his acquittal 17 years ago—and when he found out his accuser had committed suicide.

Will Nate Parker apologize? 01:27

4. Nate Parker: “Resistance is an option”

Nate Parker describes how the message of “The Birth of a Nation” resonates today and why Nat Turner’s 1831 slave rebellion teaches a “riotous disposition toward injustice.”

5. Catching a terrorist kidnapper

Once held hostage at gunpoint by terrorists in Yemen, business exec Mary Quin investigated her kidnapping. She tells Bill Whitaker how she found the terrorists’ accomplice in London —and how she got him to confess.

Mary Quin gets justice 01:29