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Five most adorable animal videos of all time

Everybody loves a great animal video, especially one which has adorable and LOL written all over it. Here are five of our all time favorites at the Feed.

5: Adorable cat keeps trying to get into tiny box

One of the most memorable moments from the film "Tommy Boy" was Chris Farley attempting to cheer up David Spade by wearing his way too small suit ("Fat guy in a little coat"). Well, this video is something of an equivalent, but with a cat making us all LOL instead by trying to fit into a little box. 

4: Cute dog with eyebrows will make you laugh so hard

I literally still can't stop laughing over this video! It's simple, but brilliant. A dog owner put eyebrows on his pet to give the dog the most hilarious expression you've ever seen on an animal. The dog runs around the room and plays, but every time he looks up at the camera with his concerned expression (but happy smile on his face) you will be rolling on the floor laughing. Pure viral video gold and a great laugh to brighten your day!

3. Alpacas become "amorous" during morning news live shot

Love is a beautiful thing. So are alpacas. Combine the two and what do you get? Morning news television gold! A morning show in New Zealand encountered a slight problem in the background of one reporter's story on alpacas - two of them decided to become "amorous" with each other.

Charlotte Bellis, a reporter for New Zealand's TVNZ, was covering the National Alpaca Expo in Christchurch when love unfolded live on air. Bellis did her best to keep it together, but eventually had to acknowledge what was happening, to the amusement of her anchors and us.

You'll fall in love with this cute video almost as much as the two alpacas in the background fell in love with each other!

2. Zookeeper gets affection from lions

This video almost gets a "triple rainbow" score on the "Awwwww...!" factor. It may even be a full "triple rainbow."  Yes, adorable overload is in overdrive in this short clip of a zookeeper getting affection from two lions. From the name of the two lions that the uploader listed, Noam and Tom, it appears that this likely comes out of the Seaview Lion Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  I am so going to visit the zoo after watching this one!

1. "Slow loris" is a cute animal who loves his umbrella

On rainy days, I often forget to bring my umbrella. I am hoping this video will help me to remember in the future. A cute animal called a "slow loris" is depicted holding an umbrella and simply being the most adorable creature you will see all day.  My favorite part is at about 35 seconds in when the umbrella is taken away... the little guy's response will make you go "Awwwww...!"


For an additional level of cuteness, be sure to check out a group of Pomeranians in a congo line for the most adorable group of animals you will see all day!

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