Five Guys Burgers gets a positive review (and song to match)

(CBS News) It's one thing to get a positive review in a newspaper, magazine or online of your burgers. It's another to have said review become so wildly popular that a song has to be created. That's right, The Gregory Brothers are back with their latest auto-tuned remix of a review of Five Guys Burgers and it's lick-your-fingers delicious. Take a listen and get some napkins ready to soak up the grease.

Tasty, right?  Who right now is not fiending for a cheeseburger with bacon?  Okay, vegetarians are excluded from this non-official poll I'm conducting, but you get the drift.  The original review was done by YouTube user Daym Drops who seemed to enjoy every moment of his experience with the popular burger chain. And speaking from experience, this blogger can attest to the taste sensation that is their burgers. Just saying. For reference I'm including the original review below. And to check out more auto-tuned hijinks from The Gregory Brothers, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.