Fisherman's multi-colored lobster catch 1 in 50 million

Lobsterman Jeff Edwards' catch was one in 50 million.
Elsie Mason, Ship to Shore Lobster Company via WBZ

PORTLAND, Maine Maine has seen its share of unusual lobsters, including blue lobsters, orange lobsters, albino lobsters and calico lobsters. But one that's on display at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland is in a different class.

This one is half orange, half brown.

The lobster, caught by lobsterman Jeff Edwards, was donated by Ship to Shore Lobster Co. in Owl's Head.

Steven Profaizer, institute spokesman, says it's being kept in a tank used by the LabVenture education experience in which the institute transports about 10,000 students to the institute each year.

As for the lobster it is indeed rare. The Lobster Institute at the University of Maine tells WMTW-TV this type of two-tone lobster is one in 50 million. Only albino lobsters are rarer.

Another half orange, half brown lobster was caught off the Massachusetts coast last October. CBS Boston affiliate WBZ reported Dana Duhaime, a lobsterman from Salem, named the one-pound lobster "Pinchy" and gave it to the New England Aquarium.