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First look: Where to see Kate's bride dress best

Royals watchers have lined up all week to celebrate the royal wedding. But who will get the best view of Kate Middleton the moment she reveals her bridal gown?

Outside Westminster Abbey, CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips reported, is the "most coveted bit of real estate on the planet right now."

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"People are still trying to get in," he said on "The Early Show. " (CBS News is) right across the street from Westminster Abbey, and these are probably the best seats in the house, unless, of course, you're actually in the house. But this is where people will get the first glimpse of Kate, of the dress, of everything."

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In fact, Phillips said, a number of royals fans camped out at the site were rewarded Thursday morning with a glimpse of the bride and best man, Prince Harry, for rehearsals.

"If there's a Ground Zero in this event, this is it," Phillips said.

Other hot spots around London include the Duke of York's steps, along the parade route that the newlyweds will take from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller was there Thursday morning.

She explained, "Kate Middleton and Prince William will travel along this route not once, but twice. Of course, first Prince William, as he comes from Clarence House to the abbey, with his best man and brother Prince Harry in tow. And then, of course, Catherine Middleton will be escorted by her father on the way to the abbey."

After the wedding, the newlyweds will travel on the route to greet the hundreds of thousands of people expected, both their subjects and visitors alike.

She said, "Once their carriage actually passes this point, police will allow the crowd to come in and spill in. They will walk up to the palace gates; it will be quite a scene. Already a scene out here. Lots of tourists, and even one Kate Middleton and Prince Harry royal lookalike. So it's already fun out here."

Farther down the parade route, CBS News Correspondent Ben Tracy showed where Kate Middleton and Prince William are expected to share a kiss for the crowd, just like Prince William's parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, did back in 1981.

Tracy also showed the massive media force gathered outside the palace.

"This is the media encampment over here at Buckingham Palace," Tracy said. "And this does not come cheap. Each one of this little slots cost about $100,000 per network. The good news is, I'm told that's not coming out of our paychecks. So something to look forward to."

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