First look: Halle Berry heads to space in CBS' "Extant"

Halle Berry in a scene from CBS' "Extant."

Sonja Flemming/CBS

CBS has unveiled a first look at its summer series "Extant," starring Halle Berry as an astronaut who returns from a yearlong solo mission in space.

But, as the teaser warns, she does not come back alone.

The short clip doesn't give away much else, but there is some ominous music, an ultrasound image and a look at Berry seemingly startled by....something.

"Extant," from executive producer Steven Spielberg, follows Molly Woods (Berry) as she tries to reconnect with her husband and son following that year away in space -- and her experiences lead to "events that ultimately will change the course of human history."

The drama is set to premiere July 9 on CBS.