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First Dog Gets First Official Photo

(White House Photo)
The First Dog finally has a baseball card to call his own.

The White House released Bo Obama's official portrait and baseball card Friday, complete with fun facts.

The Portuguese water dog (who, according to the card, ironically cannot swim) was named after both the first lady's father, whose nickname was "Diddley," and the first daughters' cousins, who have both a cat named "Diddley" and another cat named "Bo."

Born in fall 2008, Bo was a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy and his wife. His favorite food is apparently "tomatoes – or toys," he enjoys running and "then napping near the Obama girls," and his hobbies include playing on the lawn and going for walks.

His goal while in the White House? "Make friends with foreign dognitaries."

UPDATE: Gawker discovers the shocking truth: Bo doesn't really eat tomatoes! (The claim was a joke tied to a comment President Obama made about the dog getting into the first family's vegetable garden. Tomatoes are actually poisonous for dogs.)

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