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Fires Torch Northern Nevada

Despite cooling temperatures in northern Nevada Tuesday and a better chance of precipitation, fires there are still burning out of control, reports CBS Affiliate KTVN-TV in Reno, Nev.

Firefighters have grouped the fires into what they call "complexes," like the Sadler Complex where 300 thousand acres have already burned. Officials say the fires there are growing.

Fire spokesman Mike Cassidy said the Sadler complex fire is causing the most concern.

"It still has a way to go, but with enough winds it could get into some heavily populated subdivisions on the south side of the South Fork Reservoir," he said, adding some ranches also were in its path.

Already this season, 1.4 acres of Nevada wild land have burned.

Authorities are still concerned about the possibility of more dry lightning, which struck 10,000 times last week and is blamed for the outbreak of fires in the region. They are holding firefighters in the area in case of further outbreaks.

"Most of the fires are pretty well in hand now, but there's concern we could get back into the same ballgame again with more thunderstorms," said fire spokesman Nick Zufelt.

One Bureau of Land Management official who has been fighting fires for nearly 30 years said this wild land fire season is one of the worst ever.

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